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It is the belief of NSWA that producers and operators of marginally producing wells have a unique set of needs and concerns regarding federal legislation and regulation. NSWA’s sole responsibility is advocacy on behalf of these small producers.
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EPA's voluntary methane program

NSWA Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs Tim Charters

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The following article, "EPA proposes voluntary methane reduction program for gas industry,"  focuses on the EPA’s current draft rulemaking for methane capture and control for new source production in the oil and gas sector. This rulemaking has significant concern for stripper oil and natural gas producers as the potential impacts on small production could be devastating through much higher costs for little actual return for the EPA in real methane reductions. While this “new source” rulemaking will be harmful, the next step after EPA completes this process would be to establish an “existing source” rulemaking that could fundamentally change the economics and fundamentals within the oil and gas industry as a whole. However, that is a topic for later discussion.

Today, we want to focus on the newest step by EPA to accompany the “new source” rulemaking. That is the establishment of a new “Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program.” Late last month, EPA proposed creating a voluntary program to allow oil and gas companies to make and track what they call “ambitious commitments” to reducing methane emissions without mandated rules. EPA believes that there remains “significant opportunities remain to reduce methane emissions, improve air quality, and capture and monetize this valuable energy resource.”

NSWA will continue monitoring EPA’s changing rulemakings and policies on the emissions front with a goal of ensuring that stripper and marginal well producers are protected from the impacts of rulemakings. The Association is prepared to submit comments on any rulemaking processes, and will return to Washington, DC, after the August recess with a renewed focus to strategically educate key Congressional members on how devastating changes to current venting and flaring guidelines could be for America’s smallest, most economically-vulnerable oil and natural gas producers. Full Story


EPA methane regulations represent a growing threat to NSWA members

NSWA Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs Tim Charters

Part 2 of 2

NSWA is moving to fight new regulations from the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These new rules could cripple domestic stripper and marginal well producers by limiting natural gas flaring or venting, adding new costly equipment requirements and new expensive leak detection monitoring. Our efforts to fight these rules will be increasing over the remainder of the year, including educating members of Congress, addressing the rules through public comment and working to find opportunities to protect or exempt small producers from the effects of these rules. Full Story