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It is the belief of NSWA that producers and operators of marginally producing wells have a unique set of needs and concerns regarding federal legislation and regulation. NSWA’s sole responsibility is advocacy on behalf of these small producers.
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Stripper well producers face failure if implementation of EPA methane rules is allowed to continue


National Stripper Well Association Chairwoman Darlene Wallace said the small businesses of the American oil and gas industry are looking at certain collapse if stripper wells are not exempted from the new methane rules.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Congress should act swiftly and decisively to protect America’s marginal oil and gas well owners and operators, said National Stripper Well Association Chairwoman Darlene Wallace.

Wallace and the National Stripper Well Association (NSWA) have been highly critical of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the agency’s efforts to destroy the American small oil and gas industry and, additionally, for failing to meet their own deadlines. Wallace has called on Congress to protect the smallest, most economically-vulnerable domestic oil and natural gas companies, and has highlighted recent litigation.

“EPA should be aware of, and held accountable for, the economic damage done to small producers by forced compliance with regulations that simply shouldn’t apply to stripper well producers,” Wallace said.

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